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We help you see things from a fresh Perspective

Scotdrone is led by David Wilkinson - commercial photographer, videographer and drone operator.  His photography has won him several notable awards and has featured in the national/local press and various publications.  Having worked for several tourism bodies, prominent iconic tourist attractions, estate agents,businesses of all sizes (including academic and public sector organisations), homeowners, and people just wanting to have a nice image on their wall, you can be confident of quality imagery and footage.  Scotdrone has also been hired to cover prominent events of national significance, providing edited imagery and video productions to fit client requirements.  Having a background in photography and an eye for the creation of a stunning image/shot gives Scotdrone the edge over many drone operators.

As an experienced drone operator Scotdrone is able to operate in any environment to get you top quality imagery and footage.  You can be assured that the footage/imagery you receive has been captured with safety as the primary concern by a fully insured professional operator holds the required permissions from CAA to operate in urban environments.  Our commercial insurance (a legal requirement for operating commercially) provider is currently Coverdrone.  This is the kind of professional, reliable, high quality service that your mate who got a drone/camera for their Christmas is definitely not going to provide!

A selection of drones and cameras are used to provide stunning high resolution imagery and video footage up to 5.1k quality.  Dynamic 'FPV' drone footage can also be shot.  Full high resolution 360 images can be captured.  High quality gimbals are used for ground photography to provide super smooth professional footage.

Scotdrone also has a significant presence on all of the main social media platforms with content on each regularly achieving multi-million reach / views.  Scotdrone is available to work on promotional content / collaborations to help promote your business / location / brand.

Based near Falkirk, services can be provided across Central Scotland.




CAA Drone Operator

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